5 steps for a lit af dinner party: for millennials

(Other people, sorry, you're cancelled)

Dear Cards of Candour friends, 

What I'm about to tell you will unlock the secret to eternal friendship... And cause endless warm hugs and soft kisses. 

Well... maybe but who really knows. 

Either way, it'll definitely help you plan a fun dinner party. 

Step 1. Answering the question, "what shall I bring?"

A guest will always ask, “what should I bring?”

Don’t tell them nothing. People like to bring stuff. You don’t want to deny them, right?! The simple answer, “bring a bottle of wine, please”. 

It sets the tone that drinking will be involved and safeguards against running out of booze later in the evening. Plus it’s easy for anyone to pick up. You’re off to a good start. Congrats 🥳

Step 2. A cocktail on arrival

Who doesn't love a cocktail? Think about the last time you turned up to an event and were handed a cocktail on arrival. It feels good. It's an instant vibe. Who can say no?! I'd love a cocktail right now, in fact. 🍹

And here’s the kicker. Get some funky glassware. It makes a big difference. I love this brand (no affiliation) tossware.com

It’s cheap. It's shatterproof. You can print on the glasses. And it’s damn good looking. It’ll match your guests (hopefully!).

If your kitchen bench doesn't look like this, cancel the party 🤣

Step 3. Breaking bread, without getting ready for bed

Ok, so the trick here is to have all the food on the table and have the plates set and ready to go. Why?! 3 main reasons. 

Firstly, it’s much more communal and lets people chat and pass plates etc. Isn’t that just the best feeling?! 

Secondly, when your guests have food in front of them and can help themselves, they’re less likely to pile up their plates. Small portions stops overeating (and getting tired and boring!). And it feel lux to sit and eat slowly. Are we in France or something?! oui oui 🥖

Thirdly, it means everyone starts eating at the same time. An amateur host will serve individual plates from the kitchen. A nice touch but ultimately means the mean is disjointed. Do you want that? A disjointed meal? You don’t. 🙅‍♀️

Extra Points:

If you want some extra points, have a digestif on hand. I recommend Amaro Montenegro. What’s a digestif (weird French spelling)? It’s an alcoholic beverage served on ice after a meal, to help with digestion. It’s the elixir of life (or to your dinner party).  

Be your best self, go on 😉

Step 4. A change of pace...

This part of the evening needs a push. I recommend Cards of Candour (can't claim no affiliation this time). An adult dinner party game to get the conversation rolling after dinner. It's like an adult version of Never Have I Ever. 

Some examples, "Have you ever stalked an ex on social media and secretly hoped they hadn't moved on? " "Have you ever felt relieved when the other person came so the sex could finally end?"

300 cards in the main game, 50 in the Real Friends expansion pack, for real friend dinner parties 😛

Who dis? Dis you?!

Endless cards for endless conversations

Step 5. Keep on rolling, baby

This is the part when you pour some shots, turn up the music, and say things you'll regret tomorrow. Your job is done. Well done, you're brilliant. A true superstar. A modern day cultural icon. Pat yourself on the back and get ready for a flurry of congratulatory messages to follow. 

Thanks for reading, until next time. 


Cards of Candour Team